Sun Selector 4 Year Greenhouse Film with 5 Layer Advantage

Other films simply spread additives onto their poly in a single, double, or triple layer that degenerates rapidly when exposed to weathering. Sun Selector has taken 25 years of professional plastics research and engineered an exclusive system that mixes UVA inhibitors, an anti-dust barrier, plus other additives throughout the five layers. This system of deeply embedding the additives creates a film that is far superior to other brands on the market. You’ll gain better and higher-yielding growing conditions, over a longer period, with the outstanding strength and durability of Sun Selector films.

4-Year, 6 mil films with 5-layer technology are available in any length and widths up to 50 feet.
Master rolls are in stock, custom cut, packed to your specifications, and shipped quickly from our national distribution center. Tubes in widths of 12’ – 25’, roll widths from 12’ – 50’.
Base Item# Description Most Popular Available Widths 1,000+ ft2 10,000+ ft2
U46C Clear with UVA Inhibitor & Anti-Dust 24’, 28’, 32’, 40’, 48’, 50’ $89.99 $85.99
UIA46C Clear with UVA Inhibitors, Anti-Dust & Infra-red blocker additives 24’, 28’, 32’, 40’, 48’ $99.99 $95.49
*Prices are per 1,000 sq. ft.


These 3 are In-Stock
Anti-Dust – This exceptionally smooth layer helps to keep the film clean and clear of dust for better light transmission. All of our films include Anti-Dust.

Anti-Drip – Encourages condensation to run off down the poly wall. Improves light transmission by 25% and prevents dripping onto plants. You’ll see increased yield, fewer viruses, and a longer harvest.

Infra-Red Blocker – Decreases loss of IR waves at night. Retains more heat in the coldest early morning hours. Lowers heating bills, increases leaf temperature and reduces condensation, for less fungi germination and higher yields. Reduces possible frost damage.

These 3 are Custom Order (allow 8 weeks for delivery)
Anti-Virus – A popular choice! Blocks the UV spectrum that insects need to thrive. Insects in the greenhouse become localized and dormant, so they don’t spread virus from plant to plant.

Anti-Mist – Minimizes fogging inside the greenhouse. Helps reduce leaf diseases and allows maximum light transmission in climates with wide temperature variations.

Light Diffusion – Diffuses light entering the greenhouse. Greatly improves photosynthesis and helps eliminate hot spots and shadows caused by structures and hanging plants.

Call your account manager for a quote and for any questions on ordering

Your order is custom-cut and packed based on your specific need. Just add width and length in front of base number above. Here are some examples:
Base Item# Size (W x L)
Example of Price Per Roll
UVA Clear 6 mil
24100U46C 24’ x 100’
1-4    $215.97
5+    $206.38
28100U46C 28’ x 100’
1-3    $251.97
4+    $240.77
32100U46C 32’ x 100’
1-3    $287.97
4+    $275.17
40100U46C 40’ x 100’
1-2    $359.96
3+    $343.96
UVA Clear Thermic 6 mil
24100UIA46C 24’ x 100’
1-4    $239.98
5+    $229.18
28100UIA46C 28’ x 100’
1-3    $279.97
4+    $267.37
32100UIA46C 32’ x 100’
1-3    $319.97
4+    $305.57
40100UIA46C 40’ x 100’
1-2    $399.96
3+    $381.96
SHIPPING NOTE: Must ship motor freight. Note: Any orders less than 80 linear feet will be charged a $15 handling fee.


When you need a film with special properties, we can build it for you. We offer a variety of options, including: Multiple thicknesses from 4 to 8 mil. White films with opacities from 30% to 80%. A variety of other additives are available. Choose the combination that best suits your requirements. (Allow 8 weeks for delivery.)

Due to fluctuations in resin and petrochemical markets, poly pricing may be subject to change. Please call for a current quote.

3 BIG Benefits of making us your poly film source.
More choices, faster delivery & better service for you.

1. Newly Improved Cut-and-Rewind Operation
You are always assured of the appropriate poly because each roll is cut, rewound and neatly packaged from master rolls. No waiting for manufacturing, since every order is custom trimmed to your exact specifications. Give us your specs on an upcoming job and allow us to prove what we can do for you.

2. 100 Metric Tons of Inventory
With that kind of tonnage on hand, you no longer have to plan months ahead and pay for poly that sits in your facility waiting for installation. Now you can be confident that your poly order is on its way to you within 72 hours after it is received. Emergency orders can be shipped within 48 hours. How’s that for fast?

3. Exclusive 5-Layer Technology Ensures Healthier Higher Yields
All Ginegar films offer an exclusive 5-layer advantage that is unique in comparison with all other brands on the market. This exclusive extrusion technology deeply embeds additives so they’re more effective and last longer. See next page for details!

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