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Polycarbonate Panel, 8mm Twin Wall, Clear, 6-foot Width

Macrolux® Twin Wall Polycarbonate Sheeting is made from light-transmitting, weather-resistant, impact-resistant polycarbonate (PC).

It offers a 15 year limited warranty against loss of light transmission and yellowing in accordance to ASTM 0-1003, thanks to the co-extruded UV protected PC layer fused to the PC substrate of the sheet.

In addition, Macrolux® Twin Wall Polycarbonate Sheeting comes standard with No Drip (also known as anti-drip or anti-condensate). This inhibits the formation of condensation into droplets by reducing surface tension which causes the condensation to run off the sheet into gutters or drains. Basically, this keeps your greenhouse free of condensation and maximizes your Light Transmission! Macrolux carries a 10 year non-prorated warranty on its anti-fog performance and its impact resistance to hail damage.

Macrolux® Twin Wall Polycarbonate Sheeting offers a combination of high impact resistance (300 times higher than glass and 30 times than acrylic) and is light weight (16 times lighter than glass), thus it is a very user-friendly glazing material.It is suitable as heat insulating glazing in greenhouses and can be cold formed for applications such as tunnel-shaped greenhouses and skylights in halls.

Additional freight and crating charges will apply. Please inquire with your rep when placing your order.
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