Premium Burlap Rolls, Treated for Extended Life

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Treated to last! Premium quality and toughness you can count on, it's trusted by nurseries around the country to be tough and durable.

This top quality 7 oz burlap is tough enough to resist rips, tears and rotting, and can endure repeated wetting/drying with minimum loss of durability.! Our fully treated burlap is processed with EPA-approved preservatives to strict quality standards. It contains 2-3 times the preservative solution of competitors' brands for added life.

It's strong, versatile, and economical so it can be used for so many applications: biodegradable weed barrier under mulch, cover seeds to increase germination; use for lightweight frost protection; use as a silt fence for erosion control; wrap tree roots when transplanting; wrap the bottom of a small tree trunk to protect it from field mice and rabbits; cover compost in the fall and winter; use as a tarp to pile on yard debris and drag from one place to another, and much more!.Don't be fooled by cheap prices, go for the best value! Compare quality and performance along with price. Call 1-800-543-8955 for a sample and see the difference!

Our Environmental Responsibility Pledge: When you think of burlap, you don't always think of the potential for environmental damage, but the fact is that some imported burlaps are treated with unregistered pesticides and toxic agents. As members of the Green Industry, we feel that it is our responsibility to operate in a manner that encourages good stewardship of our resources. Therefore, we only sell burlap that meets strict EPA standards. Consistency in quality, superior protection, and environmental stewardship. These are areas in which we will not compromise.
Item # Description Ship Wt. Stock Status Price Qty
36TR 100 yard roll; 36-inch width 36 lbs Out of Stock
Please call for availability
36TR250 250 yard roll; 36-inch width 104 lbs In Stock $202.49
40TR 100 yard roll; 40-inch width 48 lbs In Stock $91.59
40TR250 250 yard roll; 40-inch width 117 lbs Out of Stock
Please call for availability
60TR 100 yard roll; 60-inch width 69 lbs In Stock $139.39
60TR250 250 yard roll; 60-inch width 175 lbs In Stock $356.19
72TR 100 yard roll; 72-inch width 85 lbs In Stock $172.99
72TR250 250 yard roll; 72-inch width 219 lbs Out of Stock
Please call for availability


100 yard roll, 7oz., treated, 36", 40", 60", and 72" widths. Treated with Copper Ammonium Carbonate to prolong life of burlap by slowing degradation process.


      QUESTION: How long does it take burlap to break down when buried?
      ANSWER: There really is no way to tell because of varying soil & weather conditions around the country.

      QUESTION: Can untreated burlap be used to wrap roses or shrubs during the winter?
      ANSWER: Yes, many of our customer have ordered burlap for just that purpose, as long as it is untreated.

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4 Stars

Burlap rolls wrote

I bought it to test it out in the field to burlap some trees in our tree farm. And its out standing product for tree production.

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