Pro Series 1-inch Soaker Hose, For Longer Runs

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Reduce water usage up to 70%!

Just connect the hose to your outside faucet or garden hose and turn the water on to low pressure (1/4 turn). This will slowly water your plants at the root zone where they need it most, with no runoff or evaporation. Hoses can be used above or below the ground. If using above ground, cover with a layer of mulch. For below ground irrigation bury 2 to 6 inches deep. Hose will not be damaged if frozen. Ideal for trees and shrubs or gardens. Cut to length or repair your soaker hose using our 50M58, CR58M, AND CR58F couplers.
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  • Available in 100-foot or 250-foot length
  • Outer diameter: 1-inch
  • Inner diameter: approximately 9/16-inch
  • Leak rate: 0.58 gallons per foot, per hour at 30psi
  • Standard brass garden hose couplers included
  • Manufactured with more than 80% recycled materials
  • For both above and below ground use
  • Made in the USA

Product Features

  • Hose releases water very slowly but very evenly from beginning to end of the run.
  • Cut to length or repair your soaker hose using our 50M58, CR58M, AND CR58F couplers.
  • Even water distribution up to 600 feet on level terrain and straight runs.
  • Effective width depends on the type of soil. Water penetrates soil in a tear drop shape, and it spreads as it goes down. You can generally expect 6 to 18-inch width at root level, but the only way to know is to check.
  • Adjust length per installation and water flow availability.
  • Install above or below ground.


A.M. Leonard's down to earth guarantee. This product is covered under A.M. Leonard's full one year warranty against manufacturer defects for products when used under normal conditions.

Review Summary (Based on 15 Reviews)

5 Stars

Waters end-to-end wrote

I bought two and hooked them up to a Hydrologic 2-zone water timer to water two 100-foot rows of green giant arborvitae. The hoses are durable and weep evenly for the entire length.

5 Stars

Best performance wrote

Your 1 " soaker hose is the best performer of any soaker hose I have purchased in the past. They last and continue to perform for years.

5 Stars

Works like a charm and saves me $$$$. wrote

The savings on my water bill (NYC) is significant. I am able to keep a beautiful garden all season long with the aid of the soaker hoses and the shrub/tree units also

5 Stars


All soaker hoses must be used in conjunction with a pressure reducer. Depending upon length, quality, and wall thickness, we reduce the pressure to 7-30PSI. AMLEO has the 30PSI reducer. We have installed whole football fields, yards, and agricultural subsurface soaker hose irrigation systems. This heavier gauge works best. NONE of the soaker hoses do well exposed for long periods to UV light. Bury it a few inches or cover it with mulch. Moving it often will result in kinks and leaks.

5 Stars

great value (OS250) wrote

For a steep mountainside that needed regular watering. Set up on a timer. Real professional materials to handle the extreme of the Whites.