5 Stars

Outstanding! Heavy Duty Sprinkler on wrote

Extraordinary sprinkler! Hooked up to water trash pump using barrel water containers to water acres of 18” tree transplants; very large spray area with steady spray position. Sprayer does not dance. Worth every penny.

5 Stars

Awesome! on wrote

This is the best sprinkler that's not super commercial or expensive. Pumping water from a creek, pressure at 3-4 bar..... easy 100ft without changing the nozzle.....

5 Stars

The Ultimate Sprinkler on wrote

Needed a large area sprinkler, this is it. The nozzles supplied let you match your supply flow to the sprinkler, perfect. Sprinkler is pricey but is built like the proverbial brick out house.

5 Stars

Awesome product! on wrote

Bought this to cover large areas of established turf and new seedings with minimal adjusting on a corporate campus. It does a SUPERB JOB! Ordering a couple more now.

4 Stars

Moses01 on wrote

Very good sprinkler. Well built.

5 Stars

1000F on wrote

Recommended. Won't use till Spring so can't give review now