5 Stars

Big Foot Snow Pusher on wrote

I love this snow pusher. I am on my fourth one. They do wear down with use. But it really moves the snow in a short amount of time and rolls it on top of existing snow banks.

5 Stars

My favorite snow shovel on wrote

Lightweight shovel with good durability. Have used this model/brand over many years.

1 Star

Poor Quality on wrote

The last replacement snow pusher finally broke in the same place (where handle is attached to the blade - see other reviews of this product). This is a poorly designed/engineered product and doesn't stand up to normal residential use. I would not recommend this product. If I could give it a "0" I would. This is a review of this product only. I have had success with other A.M. Leonard products and would highly recommend those but remove this from your product line please.

1 Star

Worst Shovel I Have Ever Bought on wrote

I have had five (5) of these shovels. Three (3) of them have broken in the same place (where the screw holds the blade to the handle). I do have to say that A.M. Leonard did replace two (2) of them at no charge but what good is having a replacement if they simply break in the same place. I am a good customer of A.M. Leonard and usually I'm very very satisfied with their products but this shovel needs some research and development. Until the problem is fixed I would avoid purchasing this unit.

5 Stars

Ready for another one! on wrote

This shovel has pushed some major snow this winter. So much I've worn it down to a smaller shovel. I'm ready for another one!

1 Star

Broken Handles on wrote

We purchased a few of these shovels and they only lasted us 2-3 storms before the wooden handle snapped at the base where it goes into the plastic shovel. The wooden handles on the Bigfoot were noticeably smaller in diameter compared to many of our other shovels. Bigfoot does not provide any warranty for commercial use. I would not recommend this shovel. There are many better options out there for this price range.

2 Stars

Handle Cracked After Second Use on wrote

Not even a BAD winter here, lasted less than the cheap dollar store varieties.

5 Stars

Upsate NY snow moving machine on wrote

My father had one for many years and used it daily before moving to Florida and handing it down to me. I too have used it for years until I finally broke it on a hunk of ice. I can only guess that is was 10 years old. I cant find them anywhere near me. Sad...

4 Stars

Great for smooth surfaces on wrote

I have an aggregate base parking and driving area which this shovel doesn't work too well for, but great on the decks and patios!

5 Stars

Excellent Snow Pusher!!! on wrote

I bought one last year during a visit to a local store to try it out and after the first use I knew I had to have more. They were the only shovels the guys really wanted to use. Works very well with minimal lifting.