4 Stars

Good but... on wrote

The cutter is great...allows me to get right up to those little suckers and clip them without interference. Great fulcrum leverage on the cutter. BUT the little black knob which keep the cutter from rotating gets loose very easily, even after a good tightening. Mine came off in an hour and I lost it in the snow unwittingly. There should be some sort of locking mechanism instead...would make adjustments easier to do and better remain in place.

1 Star

No parts available. on wrote

Have purchased 2 of these and they work terrific except for one MAJOR problem. Over time the metal shaft inside the arm that actuates the blade has broken in both of them (though I did get a couple years of use). Nobody carries this spare replacement part so have to buy a whole new unit just because of a simple and inexpensive metal rod part not being available.

5 Stars

Easy to use for the high cuts on wrote

This is a rating for the ARS 185 1.5m (5 feet) .I have a lot of tall (12') azaleas I wanted to trim back to 8-9'. They are on a hillside and too close together to use a ladder. These loppers finished the job in about 30 minutes after they arrived in the mail today. Then I topped some 15' camelia bushes with ease. The biggest diameter I've used it on so far is a little over an inch. However, I'm amazed at how little effort it took to cut the camelias!! They are much lighter to raise up than regular loppers since there is little weight in the cutting head area. I see on the wrapper of the shears that ARS makes a 6 foot LongReach Lopping Shears (185-1.8m) also. This one is so easy to raise up that I would recommend buying the longer one if you can find it. One other nice feature is that with so little material around the cutting head, it is very easy to poke through lower branches to get to the higher one you want to cut.

5 Stars


I am only 5 foot tall so it increased my ability to perform my job very well. It was purchased for this reason.