5 Stars

Great Torch! on wrote

Love it! Best tool I have for weeds in pavers! No more spraying those pesky weeds!

3 Stars

Weed torch on wrote

I have one these units for years and it worked flawlessly. So when a friend needed one I ordered them one. I had to return the unit for a refund because the started was faulty. The reason I returned it for a refund instead of an other unit was the hoops I had to jump through to return the unit seemed unreasonable. This unit is not made in the USA. I purchased one with the same features for 1/2 the price on a famous internet shopping site. This unit is made in the USA and appears to work as well as the one I have from A M L.

5 Stars

It is too much fun! on wrote

There is something gratifying about watching those hard to reach weeds disappear right before your eyes. How many times have you attempted to dig out a stubborn weed between the sidewalk and a hard place, scraping your knuckles? It is also effective on grass for edging, no chemical overspray to worry about.