5 Stars

Great for edging in rocky soil on wrote

I got this edger because I was tired of a regular half moon edger sliding sideways from the rocks in our glacial till. I use a Leonard Stirrup Hoe to then trim the inside and bevel the edge - instead of pulling a divot out of the edge. If you want a heavy duty root cutter get the Radius Root Slayer shovel. This has the round handle and mass that one can really work it when dividing perennials. Plan B is the cordless reciprocating saw with a pruning saw blade. Then I use an AM Leonard steel long handle, long blade shovel since one can really work them into the ground, then leverage the plant out.

2 Stars

Tough to use. on wrote

Requires a lot of downward arm force to cut roots. Step feature challenges your balance if the root does not cut cleanly. Because of the large v notch in the center of the blade, it reduces how deep each cut is made forcing more overlap to get a uniform edging depth. Notch should have been about half as deep. Not really worth the money.