5 Stars

Can be used as a machete also on wrote

I have used this thing for several years and it just gets the job done. It fits in a camelback so you can take it with you on rides. For multiflora rose it can be used as a machete to cut it back. I have cut over 8" downed trees with relative ease. The only negative is the saw has three blade positions in the open setting. With two of them extend beyond straight. So when you choke up on it you might hit the release mechanism and cause it to over-extend.

5 Stars

For those in between limbs on wrote

While pruning trees this is a nice addition for those limbs that are within reach but too big for hand pruners, especially the larger ones. The long blade, silky quality sharp blade, and nice blade curvature definitely save time and muscle. While we all have 7" folding hand saws for everyday use, this larger folding saw gets major use during the pruning season.

5 Stars

Saw for Habitat Control on wrote

In addition to working on the many trees on my lot, I also use a pruning saw when I volunteer to control beaver dams at a local salmon stream. Though the beavers benefit salmon populations, sometimes their dams block migration or flood trails. This is the third pruning saw I have used for this work. The first was a folder that was too small to cut through some downed trees. Climbing around brush while carrying a larger nonfolding, it was easy to snag waders or rain gear. I was pleased with a Silky pole saw I have, so buying this large folding saw seemed like the perfect solution. Used the Silky Big Boy saw yesterday, and it lived up to expectations. It cut through large waterlogged branches better than either of the Corona saws I used before.