5 Stars

Simple on wrote

I am tired of having to remember how to work a water timer. There is no learning to this one. Turn it on and let it go.

2 Stars

Nelson mechanical timer on wrote

Disappointed with reliability of unit. Timer malfunctioned. It shut off the water and then restarted on its own after a short time due to some sort of problem in the timer. This is a huge problem as you watch the timer shut off the water and leave home for hours. - Whoa -- the water bill . Don't rely on these actually function correctly unless you and going to be watching for the water to shut off and stay off. DO NOT TRUST THESE TIMERS.

3 Stars

Simple and effective on wrote

This is an inexpensive mechanical timer that's simple to use. Nelson also makes one with an intermittent feature (shallow dial knob in the center) that I don't like. It's too easy to flick it to the intermittent position when all I want is continuous water. As with all mechanical garden timers, you should expect 2 seasons of reliable service before replacing them. I've used a lot of good programmable timers over the years (Gardena, Melnor, Rainbird & Claber) and none of them are as simple or dependable as the mechanical ones. We have 6 of these in our garden.

5 Stars

Mechanical Timer on wrote

Work's as expected; flawlessly. Just like all the other Nelson product's I own!!

5 Stars

Nelson Simple and Reliable Mechanical Timer on wrote

I bought this as I forget to shutoff the water at the garden shed- a couple of times. Got me a killer water bill. It works well with NO batteries. No problems to report after 2 months of use. I should have purchased a couple more for use on the other outdoor faucets around the yard.