4 Stars

Good Product on wrote

Easy to use and set up. Good grip strength. Do not attempt to pick up heavy items.

2 Stars

Won't pull Bagworms off tree! on wrote

Not enough pressure to pull off bag worms

5 Stars

Picks up even the smallest items on wrote

This works great for wishing wells. I do not fold but leave open, not sure how much stress the working cable would take.

4 Stars

Good for reaching light items on wrote

I use it in my pond for getting those hard to reach things. There is not a lot of strength in the grabbers (my five foot one bent very easily and won't pick up anything now) but it is great for leaves twigs and other things that fall into my pond.

4 Stars

Around the Pond on wrote

The E-Z Reacher Pro series is great for picking up paper, cigarette butts and cans, the folding handle allows more reach out into the pond without having to carry a long handled pole.

4 Stars

Works Great on wrote

I use this product as well as the shorter ones in a cave. It is a challenge to find items that will stand up the the different enviornment. It works very well for pulling items out of a deep, wide wishing well, will even pick up a guitar pick out of coins. The first one I had the wire rusted or broke away from the squeeze handle, but again kept in a harsh environment. For years used a spoon taped to a long handle so this is a great improvement.