5 Stars

Operations Manager on wrote

I sent this shovel to my son to use in his business because I've used mine for several years - paid for itself the first day!!

5 Stars

Serious shovel on wrote

I got this shovel mostly for transplanting trees shrubs and perennials. Now this is the shovel I reach for when the diggin gets tough. This powers through roots like a boss and cuts through heavy mountain clay like buttah. I still prefer a lighter wooden handle shovel for everyday digging, but when you need it, this spade is a life saver. I just got done digging a French drain and it was great for smoothing the sides and bottom of the trench and the narrower blade made it easier to work in a deep narrow trench. This spade will last forever! I look forward to transplanting some shrubs without mutilating any roots or breaking any wooden handles.

1 Star

Too Heavy on wrote

While the design may be versitile and good for edging, the weight of this shovel is far too heavy ... I simply cannot use it even though I workout at the gym and have considerable strength for a women. I would opt to send it back if it were not for the cost of return shipping.