2 Stars

Outdated Product on wrote

I ordered this fertilizer in February of 2019 and received it in a timely manner. However, once I received it I noticed that the 3-4-4 fertilizer for Acid-Loving Plants had expired in May of 2018. One of the reasons I bought this product was for the benefit of the bacteria. It was disappointing to receive this product and to find it outdated by 9 months.

A.M. Leonard responds:We are reaching out to the customer to apologize and send a new bag.

5 Stars

Great for azaleas and rhododendrons, conifers, and winterizer for ornamentals on wrote

We discovered this fertilizer a few years ago and are thrilled with the results. Works great in the landscape and for bonsai. It is so easy to accidentally burn or kill super dwarf azaleas and rhododendrons, especially when grown in container and using chemical fertilizers. This will not burn, sets great amounts of buds, and will eliminate long leggy growth giving more fullness and back budding to your azaleas and rhododendrons. Enjoy the blooms and your plants will be so full and healthy looking during the rest of the season. Makes a great winterizer too when applied to trees and shrubs in September.

4 Stars

PHC 3-4-4 on wrote

A well balanced fertilizer for acidifying soil when and where necessary. Additionally, facilitates maintaining proper pH on an ongoing basis when used as part of a maintenance program.

5 Stars

Effective and easy on wrote

I used the PHC 3-4-4 fertilzer for the first time this year and in spite of very harsh conditions, saw strong growth and bloom production for both azaleas and rhodos. The product seems well balanced and the time release structure provided nourishment through both Spring and Summer