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Stink Bug Trap on wrote

Nicely packaged. However the trap was not effective. I set this up in our sun room where I counted 11 stink bugs on the walls. Caught only 1 bug after 3 days. Clearly not a good solution.

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Do not buy these stink bug traps on wrote

They do not work! We have over 35 stink bugs on our back porch at the moment, and they not only are not interested in the lure and trap, but when I caught one and put it on the sticky trap, he escaped!
A.M. Leonard: We have reached out to the customer regarding time of year and placement of these traps.
The traps can be used year round, however, stink bugs are generally only eating, mating and laying eggs outside during late Spring, Summer and early fall. To see the best results from the trap place from June thru September when temperatures are consistently 60-70 degrees and warmer, and there is an abundant food supply. Placing the traps near a light source can help in attracting Stink bugs.