3 Stars

Driveway Stake Driver Tool on wrote

Tool metal needs to be more rigid- it bends fairly easily while stepping on the foot aid- will need to be discarded after a couple seasons.

2 Stars

It works 'til it bends. on wrote

The design of this tool is good. It pokes holes right into the ground, that are the right size to slip the stakes in. The problem is that the metal used to make the tool is too soft and after a few stakes it began to bend with every push. I was constantly having to bend it back to straight. This tool should be made with harder steel, so it doesn't bend.

5 Stars

very useful on wrote

makes placing driveway stakes easy

5 Stars

Best tool for the job on wrote

A great tool that cut staking my 300' driveway from a backbreaking 2-3 hrs to an easy 30" job. I'm loving it!