5 Stars

Digging tool on wrote

Best ever. I am a fruit grower/ gardener. This is one of those ‘Don’t leave home without it’ tools

5 Stars

Great garden tool on wrote

Tool is great from planting bulbs, removing weeds and loosening soil.

5 Stars

Great when soil is too heavy/hard for Leonard soil knife on wrote

I have both a Leonard soil knife and a Lesche soil knife on my garden work belt. The Lesche is the tool I reach for when the soil is too heavy for the Leonard. The offset provides great leverage. The one piece design does not bend. The wide guard means my hand does not slip forward - unlike the Leonard with a bump for a hand guard. I broke a Leonard soil knife when I tried to turn some of our really heavy/hard soil - now I use the Leonard in pre worked beds (Leonard replaced it). One person commented about the teeth direction on the Lesche. The teeth are pointed forward for cutting on the push stroke, as one pushes the knife into the ground. The slots are angled back, unlike the Leonard soil knife where the teeth are straight, perpendicular to the blade. With the Leonard one can saw the soil in either direction. With the Lesche when I want to edge/cut sod, I turn it at an angle and push. Remember whittling - you are supposed to push the knife away. If I "need a bigger soil knife" then I use a Sampson Ground Shark - T18 for 18", T31 for 31" or DHG for the King of Spades Ground Shark.

2 Stars

Saw teech in wrong direction on wrote

This soil knife has the saw teeth in the wrong direction for the kind of work I often do -- edging

5 Stars

Best weeding tool I have ever used and I garden professionally. on wrote

It digs out stubborn roots, divides perennials, is lightweight and easy to carry and indispensable for any and all hand weeding jobs. The bend in the handle is ergonomically better than having the handle straight for prying out tap roots and such.

5 Stars

Can't garden without it on wrote

We have been using this tool in our tree and landscape work for years now. The offset handle gives great leverage with less effort. Weeding and planting is a breeze. There are any variety of uses for this well made tool. We gals call it the 'Rambette"

5 Stars

Love on wrote

An instructor at Longwood Gardens , Dr. Richard B., before one ornamental horticulture class had this tool on display and said that this tool would change your life, and it did. Great tool!

5 Stars

This tool and a bucket is all you need. on wrote

Best Tool I own, so pleased to see I can get a new one if needed. I use it to weed, plant, transplant and to aerate. A bucket, hand pruners and this knife are what I use for ground work in my chemical free yard. One year seed, seven years weed...Thank you for making such a great tool, the offset handle provides leverage not found with a flat knife.