5 Stars

Overachiever on wrote

Does more than it claims. I bought this for my garden drip lines. The paperwork in the box this came in said not for drip lines. I tried it anyway and it's worked great. Maybe my drip lines have a high enough flow rate? I'm happy with it.

5 Stars

A Lot From Less on wrote

A perfect liquid fertilizer delivery system for moderate to small applications. Quick and accurate. No Bags to replace and cleanup a snap.

5 Stars

Dependable on wrote

The design is simple and they always seem to work just fine. Saves a lot of time too.

5 Stars

Great product on wrote

Bought this possibly 30 years ago and still works perfectly. Very easy way to treat your yard equally when used with a sprinkler.

5 Stars

Just what I needed on wrote


5 Stars

Works good on wrote

Follow the instructions and you will do good.

5 Stars

A rare quality procuct on wrote

It is made in the USA and as long as you rinse the tube after delivering a fertilizer solution it will not clog. I love it. It is worth 10 cheap diluters that generally don't work.

5 Stars

Hozon Siphon Mixer on wrote

In past years I have purchased 4 mixers and no product is more well made. The solid brass mixer is designed too outlast any other products. The mixers will last for years and quick to install. Always keep the vacumm inlet free of solid particles and operation will be flawless. The product is well worth the price.

3 Stars

Hoz on adapter on wrote

Like this but sometimes gets clogged up when using powders in the mix, we have only cold water to dissolve.Saves a lot of time when liquid feeding.