5 Stars

Perfect! on wrote

I love this product. The straps fit nice and snug. This is perfect if you need to do a little climbing through your trees. If the straps were velcro, it would be very possible that the branches could easily undo the straps, getting snagged by the branches. It would be frustrating having to climb all the way down, if it fell.

1 Star

Have they not heard of Velcro??? on wrote

You have to practically completely undo the straps to put this thing on/off! Then, it is very difficult to adjust to where it fits snugly and does not slip and slide up and down your leg. How could they not have figured out elastic w/ velcro, or even with a plastic snap buckle would be so much more functional? Now I face 5% return fee, plus have to pay shipping to return it. Pretty disappointed in AM Leonard!

A.M. Leonard responds: We'll follow up with this customer and make it right.