5 Stars

Works as advertised on wrote

I have been using Organocide for 5 or 6 years. I use it on ornamental shrubs trees and perennials. I garden where conifers are predominant and they tend to carry a lot of mites. Organocide applied correctly as per the directions has worked excellently with no damage whatsoever to the plant material. It also is a great preventative to powdery mildew that the dogwood trees and peonies tend to acquire later in the season.

1 Star

Ruined our garden on wrote

Love the fact that's it's safe. Applied according to directions to young and mature plants. Within hours all sprayed plants in 19 rows were wilted, so badly wilted, we are unsure they will recover. The hardy and beautiful tomatoes are completely wilted to the ground. What a disappointment. I'll stick with chemicals.