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Rusted terribly after one use... on wrote

Bahco 9.5-inch Blade Hedge Shears, 23-inch Overall Length We bought these shears a couple of months ago from AM Leonard. Functionally, they worked wonderfully. My wife hung them up in our dry shed when done. A couple of weeks later, the blades were covered in thick, deep rust. I cleaned it off and oiled the blade, but the blades were damaged. We have a other hedge trimmers and a ton of yard tools and none have rusted to such an extent. I'm sorry we bought this tool.

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P51S on wrote

I was reluctant to buy this tool as I have never used one that was any good. A grandchild wanted it so I bought it. I used it and it is an excellent tool. I certainly recommend it.

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BAHCO Shears on wrote

I lost my old set over winter. I had for 6 years. These are simply the best. They are lightweight, easy to sharpen, and do not hurt my wrist, shoulders or forearms. I have been using these shears for over 14 years. This will be only my 4th set over that time span. I am so very thankful to AM Leonard for stocking this product. It's a great value for the longevity you get with a superior product. BD

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Awesome on wrote

We buy these for our landscaping business year after year! We wouldn't use any others as these are really commercial grade. Great price too!

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simply the best on wrote

I have been pruning nursery stock for about 35 years and have used many different brands of hedge shears intended for professional use. I can state without equivocation that the Bahco 23" shears are hands down the only ones worth owning- easy on the wrists- sharp enough up front for the finest pruning , yet with plenty of oomph further down the blades.

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the best hedge trimmers .....IN THE WORLD ! on wrote

have used tons of others had a pair for 4 years trimmed miles of hedges with them lost them ..cried ...bought others they didnt work the way these do buying another set cause i just found them online. PLEASE NEVER STOP SELLING THESE.......EVER!