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Misleading description on the website-small shallow pockets, tools are not safe on wrote

I was sick when I received the product, so I couldn't check its quality and match to the description on the site. A month later, when I recovered, I opened the package, and found that the pockets of the product are very small and shallow - my 8-inch Corona folding saw does not fit in it at all. In addition, the leather of the product is hard to the point that tools easily pop out of it. Overall: the website description is misleading and does not match the product characteristics, which suggests that most 8 - inch folding saws fit into it: the Corona 8-inch folding saw is one of the best-selling and most popular at the moment. It's a pity that the return window is closed, I would definitely return this item without hesitation.

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Pruner and folding saw belt holster on wrote

I wish I had bought one of these years ago. It is lightweight, holds the tools securely, and keeps them incredibly handy. What a difference they make.

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SC89 on wrote

Easy access, safe to transport.

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handy and useful especially on horseback on wrote

I bought this pruner and saw case to holster my tools for easy access while on horseback trimming back overgrowth on the trails we ride in the mountains. Handy to have alongside within easy reach. With a simple leather lace, I can secure it to my saddle. Continuous leather conditioning has turned this item into a valuable piece of equipment.

5 Stars

Highly functional case on wrote

I have been using this case for the past several months. It fits most folding saws and pruners remarkably well. Since I have a few models of each, I've been impressed with it the range of shapes & sizes it can accomodate. There is also a central slot for carrying a folding knife. Most knives would be a very tight squeeze, but the Bahco General Purpose Knife (#S1K) I have not only fits, but actually is locked in place. Openings at the bottom of the pruner & saw slots keep debris from building up. It fits with reasonable comfort on my belt, too -- I can't quite sit down with it on, but the metal belt clip allows for easy on and off. Nice to have one little case to unite three of my most used implements.