1 Star

Bristles Shed on wrote

The frame and handle are off superior quality, but the orange bristles start to deteriorate rather rapidly. AM was nice enough to send a new replacement head at no charge but the new one also deteriorated within a few weeks of periodic use. I don't expect to ask for another one buy hope that they find a remedy for the poly bristle bread down . Once that happens, I would buy another one.

2 Stars

Bristles breaking on wrote

It is a nice broom, but now about two months in bristles are breaking off all over the place. They git mixed in with my mulch, not a good place for plastic. The rest of the design is great, but the bristles are garbage.

3 Stars

Great sweeping but leaves a mess on wrote

I initially loved this broom when I bought it, as it is great for moving debris and dirt. However, after owning it for only a month or so, the bristles began breaking off and leaving little orange pieces in its wake. If I use the broom now I can expect to pick up 10 - 20 bristle pieces by hand when I'm done. I suspect this is caused by breakdown from UV radiation, which the bristles are supposed to be resistant against. I bought 2 of these brooms, and they both have the same problem.

5 Stars

Snow removal for walks. on wrote

Good selection of site work items

3 Stars

Sturdy but Shedding on wrote

The broom is sturdy, as expected, but is shedding bright orange bristles like crazy all over my 200 year old stone sidewalk mi have a feeling I will be picking up orange bristles all next spring. Also, would appreciate if holes for screws were pre-drilled.

5 Stars

Excellent quality on wrote

Very solid

5 Stars

VP-14XX on wrote

Without question the sturdiest, best-made broom I've ever seen. Far superior to the junk at your local {Store} and well worth the price. However, be advised that the 24" is quite heavy and really, really big. For an ordinary homeowner such as myself, the 18" would be plenty big enough

5 Stars

Strong and sure on wrote

Stiff and strong bristles and an amazing suuport brace. Works great on cement floors and driveway. Careful assembly required, but easily done with good instructions.

4 Stars

Heavy Duty Coarse Broom Review on wrote

I bought this broom for general cleanup. It has withstood all applications so far without any durability issues. Very easy to keep clean!

5 Stars

Great Broom on wrote

Heavy Duty. Makes cleaning up rough surfaces easy.

4 Stars

AMLeo Heavy duty Coarse Broom with Hardwood Handle on wrote

The broom came to me disassembled but went together easily. This broom moves heavy coarse materials like bark or medium size gravel (1" dia.) easily. The disadvantage is that it is heavy for a broom. I'm probably going to buy a medium duty broom for the everyday work that I do as a landscape maintenance professional and save this broom for clean up at landscaping projects.

5 Stars

Customer Review of Brooms on wrote

The brooms were very well made, of high quality materials and very very competitive in price. We use the brooms for general landscape use, but they were actually bought because they were study enough for our workers to use them for snow cleanup. They held up well and did a very good job of moving snow and debris.