5 Stars


Year after year I would purchase those home owner "green" spreaders. They were cheap plastic that would last about a year. I decided to fork over the money to get into a "commercial" grade spreader. I purchased it fully assembled at the local landscape supply store. I used it one day and I began to realize I had made a big mistake. I called the manufacture and they pretty much told me that I needed more education on how to use there spreader. Several phone calls later they decided to allow me to get my money back. I called A.M. Leonard and explained what I had gone through with the other manufacture. The customer service was almost to good to be true but I finally made the decision to drop some big bucks on a true "commercial" grade spreader. I received the new spreader 2 days later, put it together in less than an hour and used it the next day. I was very happy to have a high quality, well built tool. Expensive yes, but worth every penny. With a little care, this spreader should provide me with years of serv

5 Stars


I've been in the snow business a long time. This is the first spreader that lasted past 3 storms with 100 pounds of salt. Enclosed gears I assume is the trick. Bit pricey, but you get what you pay for. Nice spreader!

5 Stars

A.M. Leonard Stainless Steel Spreader on wrote

Excellent spreader of high quality because it's made in America. I plan on purchasing another one.

4 Stars

Well Built Spreader on wrote

The spreader was shipped quickly and easy to put together. I have only used it with fertilizer so far, and it does a nice job.