3 Stars

Has too many issues. on wrote

Not all of the bolts have nylon insert lock nuts and they work loose, including the main hopper bolts and the bolts for the wings that hold the screen in place. Some of the bolts fell out but I had the correct stainless bolts and stainless lock nuts to repair it. The locking collars on the drive shaft work loose and allow the gears to start slipping. I fixed this by resetting the collars and using blue Loc-Tite. Finally the feed hole is at the bottom of the rear panel of the hopper and not in the bottom of the hopper. This makes it impossible to use the last few pounds of material without jerking, tilting and shaking the spreader to redistribute the material. The agitator is too small to be of any use in helping redistribute the material in the hopper or push it toward the hole. With a little thought in a redesign and including locking nuts this could be a 5 star spreader.

5 Stars

Well Made on wrote

Very well made, easy to assemble, and most of all, it distributes the product nicely. Hope it brings me many more seasons of use.

5 Stars

Leonard 70s spreader on wrote

I am a homeowner with about 1 acre of lawn and have gone through 3 or 4 spreaders in the last 15 years.All of them had problems ranging from not being consistant to corrosion to just being poorly designed.I finally came to the conclusion that i needed to invest more to get the results that i wanted.After studying the specs on this spreader and watching the video i placed my order.After opening the box,i knew i made the right choice. Folks this spreader is all business.It was actually designed and built to work right and last a homeowner for probably the rest of his life.It was made to last and a real pleasure to operate.This is the last spreader i will have to buy. No worries!

5 Stars

Great Spreader (AM70S) on wrote

Received in a timely manner. Easy to assemble. Used it immediately and it work great. Easy to push and threw out a nice wide, even pattern. Highly recommend.

5 Stars

am leonard 70 lb. spareader on wrote

I really like the sturdiness of the spreader especially the gear box with it's smooth operation. My feet never engage the spreader when I walk behind it. The large wheels make it almost effortless with a full load. I'm glad I choose to get the stainless steal version because my old spreader was really rusted. Buying this spreader was an investment that will definitely pay off.

5 Stars

Leonard 70 lb Black powder coated stainless steel spreader on wrote

Well made, strong yet light frame, excellent traction with the large tires. Gate mechanism engages smoothly nice long handle and smooth quiet operation. I couldn't justify the $70.00 price difference for ss when the black is powder coated over stainless steel!

5 Stars

Stainless steel "salt" spreader on wrote

I bought this spreader because my older cheap Meyer Hot Shot spreader had finally had enough. I wanted something similar style but better as a replacement. This spreader fits the bill. My primary use for it will be for spreading salt (lime and seed in the summer months). It has one large opening for allowing material to flow through unlike the "fertilizer" spreaders which is what I wanted for salt. A.M.LEO sent me the wrong spreader first but sent the stainless steel one to me 3 days later. During assembly a stainless steel pin was missing but I called an A.M.LEO rep and they had a pin sent out quickly. Other then that assembly was quick and easy. During my first use I had the grate in the spreader and ice melter and rock salt didn't not flow well at all. I took the grate out and it has worked flawlessly ever since. Price seems a little high for the spreader ($399) but I'm very glad I bought it!!

5 Stars

Leonard 70lb spreader on wrote

The spreader had the feel of a real piece of equipment. It has a sturdy frame and rolls easily in the yard. The handle is at the correct height to be comfortable when pushing it. I believe it will last for several years. I have two acre yard and use it to apply fertilizer. I have no dislikes of the product and would purchase it again.