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pretty as well as excellent on wrote

I have grouped a lot of these together, various sizes and colors, on otherwise miserable soil. Such gorgeous results!!! Highly recommend for all kinds of plants.

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Root Pouches on wrote

I have the largest to the smallest sizes of root pouches and love all of them. The big test was perennials making it through a Colorado winter. Everything is thriving even with the last wet snows. All of my neighbors are adding one or two large bags to their landscaping this year. The little 3 and 5 gallon bags are easy to move to line walk ways and step for special occasions showing off beautiful blooms and foliage. I wish 1 gallon bags were available for house plants. Thank you for a great product.

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Pots are ok as long as you have NO ground squirrels, mice, rats, ravens, or other critters which like to use the grow pot material to build their nests -- making the pots useless. I purchased 300 of the 20 gallon pots (some reason I thought they were 25 gallon) and am now searching for a material to wrap around the pots to salvage the organic planting mix and the mature plants. When I reported this problem to AML sales they told me that many commercial growers place the grow pots in the ground (or in other containers). Potentially defeating the breathability of the pots and the concept of air pruning etc? No help!

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Root Pouch Boxer Bags! on wrote

I have multiple RP Boxer fabric pot and love them. Very sturdy and they last!! Much better than cheaper knock-off bags on the market.