5 Stars

Great Stakes on wrote

This is the second time that i have purchased these stakes. They work GREAT for lining the long drive we have, during the heavy snow season. They reflect very well and are flexible yet sturdy.

3 Stars

Reflective stakes on wrote

The color was great, wish the stakes had more substance. Next time I will look for a heavier product.

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Helps save time in the spring. on wrote

I like this product because it easy to use and is easy to see when plowing snow.

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Fiberglass Marking Stakes on wrote

Beware of fiberglass shards if stakes get damaged. I have my driveway plowed and last year many of these stakes were damaged in that process. I made the mistake of trying to pull them out with my bare hands and for many days was pulling little glass shards out of my hands. It was terrible. If they won't get damaged they are wonderful, but please learn by my mistake.

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Can also use them to... on wrote

We use the stakes to mark irrigation valves in landscaped native grass areas. Keeps us from losing them in the tall grass.

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use of fiberglass reflective stakes on wrote

Our driveway is about one half mile long, much of it with steep slopes on either side. We use the reflective stakes in the winter to delineate the driveway so we or visitors do not go over the sides. They work beautifully especially at night when the car lights hit the reflective parts of the marking stakes.

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GOOD on wrote


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snow marker review on wrote

i was extremely happy with this product. It served the purpose i needed and was a strong and sturdy piece. It was very easy to install and was highly visible especially against the snow. I preffered the orange one but might look into the lime green. I purchased these for the price and it was what i was looking for.

3 Stars

Ugly color on wrote

The catalog showed the road reflective markers in a forest green. When they arrived today they were a PUCK lime green. Not worth the hassle to return a $1.69 item. Very disapointed that the real color was not in the book or on the web-site. A.M. Leonard responds: We have corrected the color now so it is accurate.