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going nuts on wrote

works pretty well cleaning up the hundreds of hickory nuts falling all over my yard. Emptying it is a two-handed job, but not impossible. Now I just pile the nuts at the edge of the woods for the deer and squirrels to collect and eat.

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Too Good to be True?? Hardly!! on wrote

When I first read about this tool, I just could not believe it would work that well. It simply had to be too good to be true. I was wrong. I was SO wrong!! I fell in love the first time I rolled over a walnut (one of what seems like thousands) and watched it pop into the spool with no effort on my part. It keeps picking them up until it's jammed full. And you heard that right--NO EFFORT. Roll it along and watch if fill itself up. It takes a little practice to empty it but once I got the hang of that I was rocking and rolling. It's cut my pick up time in half, if not more, and is much easier on my back and knees (aging gardener here and grateful for the simple things in life). I loaned it to my neighbor to use under his walnut tree, and when he brought it back all he could say was "I'm getting one of those things!" I highly recommend these, without reservation. If I manage to wreck it, which seems unlikely due to the quality construction, I'll buy another one.

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Works if the ground is hard on wrote

Product works well on acorns if the ground is hard. Doesn't really pick up acorns on soft ground, or if they are half eaten.

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Acorn Collector on wrote

This thing works well picking up medium and large acorns on a course grass lawn. It cannot scrape-up embedded acorns in the lawn. Needs a longer handle.

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Back and Time saver on wrote

This is a great tool for dealing wit hose pesky black walnuts

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Works Great for the fir cones in my yard on wrote

I like this, no more bending over picking up the fir cones. It holds quite a few cones too, which was great.