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Professional landscapers, gardeners, and nursery workers all agree: well-crafted, long-lasting hand pruners are essential for just about any project. Of all your hand gardening and pruning tools, pruners are the everyday workhorses, designed for comfort, durability, and functionality.

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123····10   120 Items

At A.M. Leonard, we stock a wide selection of right- and left-handed pruners, from our Leonard Traditional Bypass Pruners (declared the "best all-around pruner" in a Popular Mechanics test) to the classic Felco hand pruners and heavy duty power-assisted models. For such an important gardening tool, trust us to provide top brands and well-stocked replacement parts.

We offer a variety of best-selling hand pruners to fit every grip and budget. You can't go wrong with the Felco 2, a four-decade-old design that has long been a mainstay for professional gardeners around the world. We also offer modern ergonomic hand pruners, like the Leonard Ergonomic Bypass Pruners, that offer a comfortable grip and help prevent hand fatigue.

No matter your choice of hand gardening tools, easy-to-find replacement parts are must-haves for professional gardeners and landscapers. We stock a variety of replacement blades, pivot bolts, and springs to help keep your hand pruners functioning perfectly.

From stainless steel hand pruners to garden shears and repair kits, A.M. Leonard is the first and last stop for all your professional hand pruning needs. We are committed to providing durable and comfortable hand gardening tools and pruners that will make your job -- and life -- simpler and easier.