Pruning Tools & Equipment

Every landscape is different, but all of them require routine maintenance to stay picture perfect. From handheld pruners and shears to long-handled loppers and pole pruners, A.M. Leonard has all the high-quality garden tools necessary to keep landscapes looking magazine-cover perfect. Our A.M. Leonard Bypass Pruners were declared the "best all-around pruner" in a Popular Mechanics test for their superior quality, durability, and functionality.

All the Best Tree Trimming Tools & Pruning Tools

Bushes, shrubs, and even certain flowers need careful and regular pruning to keep them blooming and thriving. With a vast selection of razor-sharp hand pruners, any size flower, bush, or shrub can be kept blooming and looking neat and clean.

For hedges, pruning shears or hedge shears are the way to go. We carry high-quality models from well-known brands like A.M. Leonard, Felco, and Corona in straight, wavy, and serrated blades to easily cut through any type of hedge and leave clean edges.

No tree is a match for our pruning saws and other tree pruning tools. We carry dozens of models of pruning saws, with both folding and straight styles available. For thick branches, try our powerful loppers, which can cut branches up to two inches thick.

When it comes to trimming the treetops, our wide selection of sharp pruning saws and handy pole pruners is second to none. Telescoping pruners, pole pruner and saw combinations, and replacement parts for your pruning supplies can all be found right here.

At A.M. Leonard, we understand that landscaping tools and equipment are not just an investment; they are the lifeblood of any landscaping company. Even high-quality tools can break down quickly if they are left unprotected. That’s why we also carry a large selection of shear cases and sheaths to keep your shears in like-new condition.