Rake Assassin Rake/Shovel Combo Tool

  • 4 Stars
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# GG001
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Weight: 4.00 lbs

Rake, sift, skim, and dump without bending!

The unique design of the Rake Assassin is extremely effective for gardening. Root Assassin has sold hundreds of thousands of these unique rake / shovel combo tools in the European market. Now it is your turn to experience the Rake Assassin!

The Rake Assassin lets you rake, collect, skim, sift, dump, and haul almost anything in the landscape that requires a sturdy yet delicate touch. With the Rake Assassin, you can clear up almost every imaginable type of garden waste in the blink of an eye. Use it for mowed grass, leaves, tree waste, pruning clippings, weeds, and moss. The Rake Assassin removes waste from the lawn, flowerbeds, paths, gravel, and even from garden ponds!

Root Assassin designed this tool to limit bending. It is 58 inches long and weighs just 1.75 pounds. The 15-inch wide head features durable polypropylene teeth. The shaft is lightweight yet extremely durable thanks to its power-coated, aluminum shaft. The durable plastic D-handle is extremely comfortable.

With this tool, you no longer need to switch between a rake and a shovel. You simply roll the Rake Assassin in your hand to the position needed. With the Rake Assassin, you can easily dig up vegetables, bulbs, and tubers from the garden, shake off the soil, and recover the fruit without damaging it. The Rake Assassin is the ideal solution for many tasks, including:
  • Gathering fallen fruit or nuts
  • Clearing up pinecones, chestnuts, and rocks
  • Spreading mulch or compost over the lawn and in between plants
  • Cleaning out animal stables
  • Keeping the pasture clean
  • Cleaning up after your pet without backbreaking bending
  • Clearing out waste left in playgrounds, camping sites, recreational areas, and beaches

Product Features

  • Rake, shovel, and skim with 1 Amazing Garden Tool
  • NO BENDING with the Unique Ergonomic design
  • 58 inches long and weighs just 1.75 pounds
  • Aluminum handle
  • Rake, collect, skim ponds, sift, dump, and haul
  • Use in playgrounds, camping sites, recreational areas, beaches, and golf course sand traps
  • Remove mowed grass, leaves, tree waste, pruning clippings, weeds, and moss

Review Summary (Based on 8 Reviews)

2 Stars

Rake / Shovel combo wrote

This unit is too small. Not worth the price. I bought this to help with leaf cleanup.

5 Stars

Great idea wrote

Works great.

5 Stars

Love it wrote

Lightweight, does a great job of picking up trimmings, will find lots of ways to use it. Probably my favorite Leonard purchase, and that's a high bar to clear.

5 Stars

It is a KEEPER! wrote

Some body complained about breaking the tines. I can't figure what he was doing to do that. This item is very well designed. It rakes and scoops very well and picks up 95% of the pile. The final too-small stuff required a scoop shovel.

5 Stars

No cause for concerns! wrote

I was initially concerned with the plastic tines and lightweight feel of the rake. Not to worry!! From raking insulation in the attic to removing winter crud from under the bushes this tool has earned its keep. It gathers material like a leaf rake and then scoops it up like a shovel. The long handle with a “D” grip makes it easy to control and the light (but rugged) weight makes it pleasurable to use for hours! It has easily come to be my “go to” implement for a wide range of uses in the yard AND house.