Rat & Mouse Repellent

Rats and mice are rarely welcome guests—and A.M. Leonard has a great selection of repellents to help keep them off your property and away from your plants and trees. If you’re having trouble keeping away unwanted pests, we’ve got proven mouse repellent solutions that will get rid of rats and mice quickly and easily. Shop our selection below, and be sure to check out the rest of our rodent repellent and pest control solutions!

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Indoor and Outdoor Rat and Mouse Repellents That Work

A.M. Leonard’s mouse and rat repellents are mold and moisture resistant and safe for indoor and outdoor use—including around kids and dogs. We stock professional-trusted brands like TomCat and Hawk that work quickly to rid your yard of pesky rodents. You’ll find both bait and tamper-resistant bait stations that are designed to draw in mice without attracting non-target animals or pets. Place the stations either vertically or horizontally along walls and other “high-traffic” rodent areas and let them do their work!

If you’re struggling to fight off a mice or rat infestation in your house, yard, or farm, A.M. Leonard has the products you need to win the battle. We’re a leading supplier to the horticultural industry and have been trusted by landscapers, nursery workers, and other professionals since our founding in 1885. See for yourself—shop our selection of rat and mouse repellents today!