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Regalia® Organic Bio-Fungicide

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This OMRI-listed product protects against a variety of fungal and bacterial diseases!

Regalia® is an advanced organic biofungicide. Its active ingredient, Reynoutria sachalienensis, is an extract from the giant knotweed. This bottle contains 128 ounces (1 gallon) of liquid concentrate. Regalia® activates a plant's natural defenses against a variety of fungal and bacterial diseases. It is effective against both soilborne and foliar pathogens. This product's complex mode of action makes it difficult for pathogens to develop resistance while minimizing chemical residue. This product works well for cultivated gardens including greenhouses, ornamentals, fruits, vegetables, turf, and flowering crops. You can use it as either a standalone product or in combination with other fungicides as part of a complete IPM program. To use, mix one ounce of Regalia® per gallon of water. Apply as either a foliar spray, pre-plant dip, soil drench, or in-furrow application. See label for application rates.


  • Active ingredient: Extract of Reynoutria sachalinensis (5.0%)
  • Diseases controlled: Powdery mildew, fusarium, early blight, shot hole, Rhizoctonia spp., brown rot, anthracnose, bacterial canker, downy mildew, Pythium, botrytis, stem rot, black spot, greasy spot, bacterial spot, phytophthora spp., white mold, fire blight, leaf spot, Alternaria, sooty blotch, and more!
  • Container volume (ounces): 128
  • Mix rate (ounces per gallon of water): 1
  • REI (hours): 4
  • PHI (days): 0
  • MRL tolerance: Exempt

Product Features

  • Organic biofungicide
  • OMRI-listed
  • Complex mode of action

Product Benefits

  • Activates your plants' natural defenses against a variety of fungal and bacterial diseases
  • Encourages higher crop quality and increased yields
  • Effective against both soilborne and foliar pathogens
  • Complex mode of action delays pathogen resistance and minimizes chemical residue
  • Works well for cultivated gardens like greenhouses, ornamentals, fruits, vegetables turf, and flowering crops

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