Repellex Systemic Deer and Animal Repellent

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The only product on the market to systemically protect plants from damage caused by deer and other animals. It protects from the inside out!

Unlike other repellent products which are sprayed onto the plant surface, Repellex Systemic Animal Repellent is absorbed through the roots and protects plants from the inside out. Repellex Systemic Animal Repellent was developed for use on landscape plants and non-edible crops. The active ingredient is capsaicin, a concentrated extract of hot chili peppers. Since it can't be washed off of the plant, it should not be applied to crops for consumption.
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Review Summary (Based on 3 Reviews)

5 Stars

Best deterrent I've used out of many wrote

I've used an endless amount of products to deter deer and find this one of the best. It is not fail safe but has made a significant difference in several. settings. I find I do need to use the maximum amount recommended however. And, it seems soil type may have an impact on uptake but I can't evidentially prove it. The other product I use in conjunction with this is Bobbex--a liquid application that supplements Repellex--particularly with blooming plants like hydrangea, hosta, daylily....when they are in bud and bloom. Regrets A.M. Leonard does not sell it but available on-line.

4 Stars

So far so good wrote

Deer ate everything over the winter, even deer resistant plants. And I had two forms of repellent in use. I figured I'd try this. I'm testing it on like plants planted near each other, one with 1 without. So far it appears to be working. We will see if the results hold till next spring.

1 Star

Doesn't seem to be discouraging the deer at all. wrote

We bought this to help protect our many hostas that we have planted throughout the yard. We put in about (on average) 3 tablets per plant and watered it in. A few days later it rained. This morning, (about a week later) we noticed that 8 of our hostas have been eaten all the way to the ground. I would say it has not helped at all.

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