Repels-All Animal Repellent

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Repels-All Animal Repellent

Spray once for up to 2 months of control! Repels armadillos, beavers, birds, crows, chipmunks, deer, groundhogs, mice, porcupines, rabbits, raccoons, rats, skunks, shrews and voles!

Works 3 ways to repel animals and stop plant and property damage: by sense of touch, taste and smell. This unique blend causes a mild, yet annoying, irritation to the animal's nasal passages. When an animal touches, tastest or smells Repel-All, it triggers the natural instinct to escape/avoid and the animal simply leaves. This all natural formulation triggers genetically and biologically ingrained fear and flight responses in a multitude of animal intruders - without harm to animal or plants.

Environmentally safe and biodegradable; it won't harm plants or animals. Prevents grazing, nibbling, chewing, gnawing and browsing damage to plants. Composed of garlic, dried blood, whole egg solids, clove, fish oil, onion and wintergreen. Protects plants and property, including structures. Lasts up to 2 months per application. Not for sale in AK & HI. Available as a liquid concentrate in Quart or Gallon; just mix and spray!

Apply around homes, gardens, garbage cans, barns, swimming pools, garden sheds, woodpiles, decks, patios, outbuildings, boathouses, campsites, picnic areas, cabins, trailers, RV hookup sites, and other areas where these animals may be a problem. May be used in areas where children and pets play. Best results are obtained when application is made at least 6 hours prior to anticipated rainfall and the temperature is between 35F and 85F. After it has dried, IT WILL NOT WASH OFF IN RAIN. Also protects bulbs and seeds from birds, squirrels, chipmunks, moles, voles, pine and meadow mice when treating bulbs or seeds before storage or planting.
Item # Formulation Size Container Volume Ship Wt Stock Status 1 – 7 8 + Qty
B237 Concentrate Quart Concentrate (makes 2 Gallons of Spray) 1 Quart 3 lbs In Stock $21.39 $20.62
B2405 Concentrate 1 Gallon 12 lbs In Stock $59.89 $58.58
BON2392 RTU RTU Gallon 1 Gallon 28 In Stock $49.99 $47.86

Review Summary (Based on 3 Reviews)

1 Star

Does not work wrote

Sprayed corn and pumpkins repeatedly to keep racoon from destroying my fall display. Did not work.

5 Stars

Saved the flowers wrote

My parents live in the woods of northern Michigan. Mom was upset that squirrels were destroying flowers she had received for Mother's. Day I ordered Repels All for her. She happily reported that the flowers are recovering nicely. The squirrels just sniff and leave. I will definitely send more as needed. Great product!

4 Stars

Definitely The Better Alternative... wrote

In an attempt to avoid my husbands "solution" for the insane amount of rabbits all over our yard (neighborhood is nearly overtaken), I bought some Repels-All concentrate! This stuff is pretty great! My first application, I would look out the window and see rabbits sitting at the "invisible fence" this product created, but not on our side! :) After some heavy rain, the rabbits started frolicking in our yard again so I went out and double downed, not a rabbit in sight! We live just at the edge of a large corn field so I made sure to spray that line too! Other than the unthinkable, I am not sure anything is 100%-but I'll take "close enough" to keep them out of my yard than, well-you know what I mean. GOOD STUFF (smells kinda yukky, but you would too if you had dried blood and rotten eggs on you-careful where you spray!). HIGHLY RECOMMEND

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