Rice Hull Bale, 7 Cubic Feet

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Rice Hull Bale, 7 Cubic Feet

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A natural product with a multitude of uses!

PBH Nature's Media Amendment is a uniquely processed rice hull product from Riceland Foods, Inc. It has multiple uses in the greenhouse and nursery environment.

For greenhouse production, it is the perfect replacement for perlite in growing mixes. Use PBH as a container topdress in nursery stock to prevent airborne weed seeds from reaching the growing mix.

PBH Nature's Media Amendment lowers freight costs, generates less waste, and minimizes storage and handling. It is a natural by-product of rice. It is a renewable resource and benefits greenhouse growers, nurserymen, consumers, and the environment.

PBH is highly compressed when packaged. This product is a 2.33 cubic-foot bag and expands to 7 cubic feet when uncompressed.

PBH is OMRI Listed‚® and WSDA-registered.

Product Information

Product Features
  • Topdressing with 1 to 2 inches dramatically improves weed control for just pennies per container
  • Significantly reduces hand-weeding labor and expense
  • Improves control of moss species such as liverwort
  • Reduces potential for drought stress and watering
  • Delivers economical, earth-friendly weed management
Product Benefits
  • Lower basic cost than perlite
  • Creates optimum porosity, drainage and stability
  • Requires little or no adjustment to fertility and irrigation
  • Dramatically less dusty than perlite
  • About one-third few deliveries than perlite 7 PBH truckloads versus 10 of perlite
  • Less freight, labor, storage and packaging
  • Natural color blends well with other media components
  • Use PBH Nature?s Media Amendment as a container topdress.
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