Rice Hull Bale, 7 Cubic Feet

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# RHB7
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Weight: 50.00 lbs

A natural product with a multitude of uses!

PBH Natures Media Amendment is a uniquely processed rice hull product from Riceland Foods, Inc. It has multiple uses in the greenhouse and nursery environment.

For greenhouse production, it is the perfect replacement for perlite in growing mixes. Use PBH as a container topdress in nursery stock to prevent airborne weed seeds from reaching the growing mix.

PBH Natures Media Amendment lowers freight costs, generates less waste, and minimizes storage and handling. It is a natural by-product of rice. It is a renewable resource and benefits greenhouse growers, nurserymen, consumers, and the environment.

PBH is highly compressed when packaged. This product is a 2.33 cubic-foot bag and expands to 7 cubic feet when uncompressed.

PBH is OMRI Listed® and WSDA-registered.

Product Features

  • Topdressing with 1 to 2 inches dramatically improves weed control for just pennies per container
  • Significantly reduces hand-weeding labor and expense
  • Improves control of moss species such as liverwort
  • Reduces potential for drought stress and watering
  • Delivers economical, earth-friendly weed management

Product Benefits

  • Lower basic cost than perlite
  • Creates optimum porosity, drainage and stability
  • Requires little or no adjustment to fertility and irrigation
  • Dramatically less dusty than perlite
  • About one-third few deliveries than perlite 7 PBH truckloads versus 10 of perlite
  • Less freight, labor, storage and packaging
  • Natural color blends well with other media components
  • Use PBH Natures Media Amendment as a container topdress.

Review Summary (Based on 15 Reviews)

5 Stars

GOOD Clemonic from NC wrote April 22, 2019

I use this in combination with peat moss and compost for potting mix. Works well. More economical and less dusty than perlite. I also have used as container mulch.

5 Stars

Great stuff Home gardener/ orchardist from PA wrote April 21, 2019

I needed an alternative to peat moss and perlite to lighten the soil. Ross Raddi on YouTube recommended rice hulls from this source and they work the charm in my garden. Thanks!

5 Stars

Great items from wrote March 09, 2019

I bought 2 bags of rice hulls. The items are what I’m looking for with the good price. I plan to use them in my compost this summer. I’m gonna buy more when I finish them up. Really great service. Thank you

5 Stars

PBH Nature's Media Amendment - Rice Hulls William from IA wrote February 14, 2019

My first time using rice hulls as a Media Amendment. It has worked beyond my expectations and I am very satisfied with this product. I use it as a replacement for perlite when making custom potting soil. It is OMRI listed and works well with other organic matter such as worm castings, compost, peat, and coco coir. An outstanding product and a good buy -highly recommended.

5 Stars

Will get this again Ork-Swift from FL wrote February 02, 2019

Got a recommendation to use rice hull as a soil additive for a loose well drained mix. I ordered 2 from AML and was pleased they arrived on time and were well packed. I have made a couple of batches with rice hull replacing some of the pearlite in my mix and I am very pleased. Time will tell how this soil holds up, but for now I am very happy with the outcome and plan on doing this again.