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The faster and more economical way to cable and brace trees!

Use to cable two branches. The internal taper fits over the middle strand of 7-strand EHS cable with the six remaining strands surrounding it. The more pressure that is applied, the deeper into the block the strand and taper are pulled. The block is made from 6061 AL and taper is made from 416 SS for strength of application and corrosion resistance. Although the wire stop is only 1 1/4 inches long, it holds close to 100 percent of the breaking strength of the strand itself, which is more than 15,000 pounds (if using 3/8-inch EHS strand). The Wire Stop eliminates the need for the "J," "lag," or "eye," hooks, thimbles, through bolts, pre-formed wraps, wire rope clips, or other terminal hardware. It can be used in more applications because it is secured on the outside of the limb or trunk. Because of its small size and simplicity, it makes a more finished, less cluttered, installation.
The Wire Stop Hub Use the hub with 3 wire stops to cablethree trunks or leaders together. Our hub solution is less damaging than triangulation because it only requires three holes instead of six. It also requires less than half the parts (13) required in a traditional system installation (31).
The Finishing Cap Not a necessary component of the Wire Stop. It does however, give a finished appearance and protection from exposed wire ends. The cap is made from UV protected vinyl.
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