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Less expensive and friendlier to the environment than standard nursery pots!

Do you want a nursery pot that is cheaper than the standard plastic pot - as low as 35 cents per pot? Do you worry about the environmental impact of those plastic pots? If you answered yes to either of these questions, Root Pouches are the perfect choice!

Every year, millions of plastic pots find their way into landfills. The petroleum and other fossil fuels used to create these pots, along with their inability to break down, result in a negative impact on our environment. Root Pouch uses its award-winning technology to convert a mixture of recycled natural fibers and recycled bottles into their patented grow bags. These materials, otherwise destined for our landfills, see a second life as a lightweight, breathable geotextile. Root Pouch then uses this textile to create plant pots that degrade (break down) once you plant them in the ground.

These fabric pots are wonderful for plants. They are breathable, so roots stay cool in summer and do not suffocate from over-watering. The fabric material allows for water permeation, so there is sufficient drainage without the need for holes in the pot. This product is perfect for in-ground as well as above ground growing. The uses are endless! Since they are made from flexible fabric, they do not chip or break like standard pots. You no longer have to clean up broken shards as you do with clay pots.

Please call for custom logo printing. Available in both handle and no handle options. Sold by the bundle.
Item # Accessories Bundle Count Dimensions Longevity (Below Ground) Ship wt Size Stock Status 1 – 2 3 + Qty
RP115 None 50 6-in W x 7.5-in H 15-20 months 4 lbs 1 gallon In Stock $19.39 $17.34
RP118 None 25 6-in W x 7.5-in H 18-24 months 2 lbs 1 gallon In Stock $13.29 $12.26
RP218 None 25 8.5-in W x 8.5-in H 18-24 months 3.5 lbs 2 gallon In Stock $18.39 $15.32
RP315 None 50 10-in W x 8.5-in H 15-20 months 6.5 lbs 3 gallon In Stock $35.69 $30.58
RP318 None 25 10-in W x 8.5-in H 18-24 months 3.5 lbs 3 gallon In Stock $22.39 $19.33
RP33 None 25 10-in W x 8.5-in H 3-4 years 3.5 lbs 3 gallon In Stock $28.49 $24.41
RP5H3 Handle 10 11-in W x 10.25-in H 3-4 years 2 lbs 5 gallon In Stock $16.29 $14.25
RP7H3 Handle 10 14-in W x 11.75-in H 3-4 years 3 lbs 7 gallon In Stock $20.39 $18.34
RP10H3 Handle 10 16-in W x 12-in H 3-4 years 3.5 lbs 10 gallon In Stock $25.49 $22.42
RP15H4 Handle 10 17-in W x 15-in H 4-5 years 4.5 lbs 15 gallon In Stock $43.79 $38.68
RP20H4 Handle 10 19-7/8-in W x 15-7/8-in H 4-5 years 6.5 lbs 20 gallon In Stock $60.09 $51.92
RP25H4 Handle 10 21-in W x 16.5-in H 4-5 years 7 lbs 25 gallon In Stock $66.19 $58.02


Root Pouch pot sizes are available in five longevities:
  • 15-18 month
  • 18-24 month
  • 3-4 year
  • 4-5 year
  • 5-6 year
Key Points for Commercial Grower:
  • Reduces wind blow over
  • Prevents roots from circling
  • Can be used with potting machines
  • Stacks great on trucks for shipping
  • No trunk wrap needed - no sharp edges
  • Great for above ground growing
  • Great for pot in pot field liners
  • Creates dense fibrous roots

Product Benefits

Overall Benefits:
  • Pots can be washed, sterilized & re-used
  • Creates insulation from winter cold
  • Allow roots to cool in summer heat
  • Allows air and water to freely pass
  • Great with drip systems and overheads
  • Decreases risk of transplant shock
  • Perfect for aquatic plants
  • Will withstand UV rays
  • Stronger healthier starts
  • Better use of water and nutrients
  • Quicker growing times
  • Better drainage
Environmental Benefits:
  • Pots will breakdown in landfills - unlike their fabric and plastic counterparts
  • Made of 100% recycled materials
  • Leaves a smaller carbon footprint
  • Reduces amount of plastic water bottles entering the landfills
  • Does not require one drop of new fossil fuel to create
  • Requires less fuel to ship than plastic, less transportation costs to you
  • Requires 40% less storage than plastic

Review Summary (Based on 47 Reviews)

5 Stars


I was kind of surprised by the nice quality ,as the price was 10 for $19.99 can't wait to try them out in a few more weeks.You can't find these cheaper anywhere on line.I got the 7 gallon 4 /5 year biodegrades.

5 Stars

Awesome Grow Bags wrote

This is the third year I am using these bags to grow my tomatoes, eggplants, beans & cucumbers. This allows all of your plants to air prune (strong root system). My yield of veggies is amazing!

5 Stars

Root Pouch 18-24 month wrote

We think they are a really good product. We like the ideal of air root pruning. The main drawback for us would be that they are a little harde to fill than a plastic container.

4 Stars

Great pots. wrote

3 gallons are a little smaller than a traditional 3 gallon nursery pot. Otherwise, great product.

5 Stars

Great Grow Pots and Biodegradable! wrote

Personally I go through a few thousand of these a year, I use them for 4 to 6 months and throw them away after I harvest. The plants love them. And they always get a brand new clean pot, and we never have to wash pots!

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