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ROOTS Healthy Start Advanced 3-4-3

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ROOTS Healthy Start Advanced 3-4-3 is a general-use fertilizer for Trees & Shrubs, Flowers, and establishing new Turf. This natural granular fertilizer has an NPK analysis of 3-4-3 and contains beneficial bacteria. Organic sources of nitrogen provide a slow release that also enhances soil health. Healthy Start Advanced also contains Potassium Sulfate for an immediate availability of potassium with the added benefit of sulfur. 4% Iron helps provide micronutrient support to plants and is especially important for a healthy, green, luscious lawn. Other beneficial ingredients include rhizosphere bacteria, kelp meal, vitamins, and humic acids to improve soil & plant health (ROOTS Healthy Start Advanced 3-4-3 is direct replacement for M-Roots 3-3-3.)

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