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Rust-Oleum NeverWet Boot & Shoe Waterproofing Spray

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Keeps footwear dryer for longer!

Rust-Oleum‚® NeverWet‚® Boot & Shoe is a one-step, superhydrophobic, water repelling treatment designed to keep footwear dry longer. This crystal-clear formula preserves footwear against damaging moisture without changing the look or feel of the fabric. Single step trigger action spray application that is great for work boots, tennis shoes, dress and casual shoes and is ideal for leather, suede, nubuck, canvas and more. Coverage varies depending on fabric but expect between 20 and 60 square feet.

NeverWet‚® is a patented covering that deflects nearly all liquids and heavy oils by creating a very high contact angle upon application. The traditional definition of a contact angle is the angle a liquid creates with the solid or liquid when it is deposited on it. The 160 to 170‚° angle is much higher than traditional substrates, such as car wax (90‚°), Teflon (95‚°), or Rain-X (110‚°).
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