Scenic Road

Since 1977, Scenic Road wheelbarrows have been trusted by agricultural and horticultural professionals to provide smooth rolling, superior load capacity, and heavy-duty durability ? perfect for rigorous professional work. These American-made wheelbarrows are engineered from the highest-quality materials and built to last for generations. At A.M. Leonard, we're proud to offer our customers a great selection of Scenic Road wheelbarrows that will get the job done day after day for years to come.

Viewing 1 - 2   2 Items
Viewing 1 - 2   2 Items

Our 5-star-rated Scenic Road MFG 10-cubic-foot wheelbarrow is perfect for landscapers looking to move large loads quickly. It features an incredible 750-pound load capacity and your choice of two pneumatic or flat-free tires. Whatever rough terrain you're up against on the job, you can trust this wheelbarrow will handle it.

Another option is the 7-cubic-foot Scenic Road wheelbarrow with an 800-pound-capacity poly tray. This is smaller option that includes a 5.5-inch tire for easy maneuverability.

Whatever you're looking to haul around, it's a good idea to invest in a well-made and reliable wheelbarrow that will last you years. No more cracked trays or unbalanced loads! With A.M. Leonard and Scenic Road wheelbarrows, you can stop worrying about the quality of your wheelbarrow and start focusing on the quality of your work. Check out our selection of Scenic Road wheelbarrows today!