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Scoops and Shovels

There is no such thing as having too many scoops and shovels. Good digging tools are the backbone of any landscaping, gardening, or horticulture business. A.M. Leonard has a variety of shovels and scoops to handle any type of soil.

Need help choosing the right shovel for you? Check out the A.M. Leonard Shovel Selection guide here: SHOVEL SELECTION GUIDE

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We have several types of shovels from quality brand names like Leonard, Ames, and Seymour. Leonard brand shovels feature your choice of fiberglass, wood, or composite handles. We carry both square and round-pointed blades which will allow you to cut easily into hard-packed soil. Both D-grip and straight-handled shovels are available.

Trenching shovels feature deeply pointed blades which make them excellent for digging irrigation, electrical, or plumbing trenches. Caprock shovels feature a low lift angle and are great for vertical digging. Sawtoothed shovels can saw through roots and hard soil to clear the way for planting.

Tough soil, roots, and fibrous plants can be easily cut through with spear head spades. The shovels feature uniquely shaped blades that combine the best features of spades and shovels to produce a tool capable of reducing the effort needed to dig. This means increased productivity since workers can dig more holes before tiring.

Scoop shovels are the best choice for moving loose materials. The Leonard Poly Scoop Shovel is practically indestructible and is a true multipurpose tool! We carry several types and sizes to easily and efficiently move any loose materials including soil, mulch, and decorative gravel. Our scoop shovels come in a variety of different types of handles, including wood and fiberglass. Both D-grip and straight-handled scoop shovels are available.