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Sisal Twine Natural

See the difference!

Top grade, long-fiber sisal pulls tight for a firm knot.
Weight: 0 lbs
Item # Feet per Lb Ply Ship wt. Total Length Type Stock Status 1 – 9 10 – 19 20 + Qty
110ST 300 1-ply 11 lbs 3,000 feet 10 lb Ball In Stock $18.99 $17.49 $16.69
150ST 300 1-ply 50 lbs 15,000 feet 50 lb Reel Out of Stock
Please call for availability
$112.09 $107.09 $102.99
210ST 176 2-ply 11 lbs 1,760 feet 10 lb ball In Stock $20.99
250ST 176 2-ply 52 lbs 8,800 feet 50 lb Reel In Stock $119.99 $111.49 $107.49
310ST 72 3-ply 11 lbs 720 feet 10 lb Ball In Stock $19.99 $18.49 $17.49
350ST 72 3-ply 52 lbs 3,600 feet 50 lb Reel In Stock $129.99 $127.99 $124.99


  • Brazilian sisal
  • Approximately 300' per pound
  • 10 or 50 lb balls
  • 110ST & 150ST are 1-ply, 210ST & 250ST are 2-ply, and 310ST & 350ST are 3-ply
  • Not rated by diameter but 1-ply is approximately 3/16" thick, the 2-ply is approx 1/4" thick, the 3-ply is approx 5/16" thick
  • Non-treated and unclipped (unclipped means a rough hairy texture)

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Customer Reviews for Sisal Twine Natural

5 Stars

sisal twine

Don Brewer from KS wrote (May 17, 2017):

Bought it to tie up tomato plants

5 Stars

strong and easy to work with

Mary from IL wrote (October 06, 2016):

Great for tying branch bundles.

5 Stars

Good Twine

Paul K from MD wrote (November 04, 2011):

Use it to tie up branches prior to digging and secure car trunks and doors when hauling plant material.

5 Stars

Many Uses

Mary from VA wrote (November 01, 2011):

We Use the Twine for many things, such as tying up the branches of a tree for a safer transport (no limbs breaking), tying a strap down so that it keeps our materials (mulch, rocks) on the back of the truck and not all over the roads. They are many, many other ways that we use it, but will keep it short, would defintely recommend the twine to anyone, and have recommened it before.

5 Stars


Ryan P from NY wrote (November 01, 2011):

Our vegetable farm tied our hundreds of tomato plants using this twine, bamboo stakes, and T-posts. It performed great all season long!

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    QUESTION: How is the sisal packaged?
    ANSWER: The 10-lb sisal comes in a ball with the string starting at the top for easy pull-and-cut.

    QUESTION: How long before the sisal begins to deteriorate after it is put to use?
    ANSWER: Unfortunately there is really no specific answer because of varying weather and temperatures, but it will generally last for one season of use.

See the difference!

Top grade, long-fiber sisal pulls tight for a firm knot.

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