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Need extra power in your landscaping and outdoor maintenance efforts? Sledgehammers and mallets are built to handle tough jobs. The weight and larger blunt heads of these durable tools make them ideal for striking, breaking, and setting, and are a favorite of homeowners and professional landscapers alike. Shop A.M. Leonard's supply of gardening and landscaping tools today to find the right tool for your task!

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If demolition is in the plans, grab one of our long-handled sledgehammers for optimal striking power. Whether you are knocking down an old shed, loosening stumps for removal, driving stakes, breaking up concrete borders or more, sledgehammers are built to distribute a lot of force over a large area. If your task needs a little more control and a bit less force, our dead-blow hammers and mallets are up to the task.

Our selection of dead blow, power drive, and sledge hammers come in a variety of head shapes, and head and handle materials to suit your needs. Customers love our rubber headed tools, ideal for placing pavers, stone or block without damaging or chipping the material. And the shot-filled hollow head construction of our dead blow hammers is great for flattening errant bolts and thick nails without destroying surfaces.

A.M. Leonard knows that every job is a little different and provides the selection to ensure you find the right tool for the task. Check out our selection of sledgehammers, mallets, dead blow hammers and more to make quick work of your toughest outdoor challenges!