Snow Removal Equipment

Here you’ll find durable snow removal equipment able to handle the rigors of winter! Whether you’re looking for winter salt solutions, a snow shovel, salt storage, snow pushers, snow rakes, or salt spreaders, you’ve come to the right place. We stock high-performance snow tools at great prices, like our Leonard Poly Snow Pusher, a sturdy but affordable option that is made in the United States and features maximum capacity for the easy removal of deep snow.

Arm yourself with effective weapons in the winter months with help from A.M Leonard’s selection of snow removal equipment. From easy-to-spot reflective driveway markers to ice scrapers and snow shovels, we’ve got the tools you need to stay ahead of the weather.

For deep snow removal jobs, check out the popular heavy-duty Snowcaster Snowblade. Our customers love how this 3-foot pusher efficiently removes snow without putting extra strain on the back. This winter workhorse is able to clear snow in half the time as shoveling, and is more economical than a gas-powered blower. It’s the perfect option for handling larger snow removal projects.

For quality snow removal equipment that gets the job done year after year, turn to A.M. Leonard. Our tools and supplies will help you clear the way and move on with your day.