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Weight: 28.50 lbs
Why shovel around the office, and break your back lifting heavy snow! Just roll it away with our ingenious snow scoop. With its hungry appetite, it moves snow 3 - 5 times faster than a shovel! And you can get back to the warm inside, sooner!

56 inches (4.67 feet) x 28 inches (2.33 feet) x 8 inches (.67 foot), with a 4-inch wheel on the back.

Moves smoothly on any surface to clear an incredible amount of snow, while sparing your back! Steel front edge strip scrapes clean; durable polyethylene plastic. Wt 17 lb.


Overall length 56in., overall width 28in., 4 in wheel, overall weight 17lbs. Made in the USA.


Manufacturer supplies a thirty day 100 guarantee

Review Summary (Based on 3 Reviews)

5 Stars

Best product ever wrote

I have been shoveling all my life this is by far the best product ever made. Those that dislike it also have never worked a real hard day in their lives and have no idea how to use basic tools by hand. I race any snow blower and win with mine.

1 Star

Snowmaster Snowscoop is an overpriced piece of heavy plastic wrote

I think the Snow Scoop going to serve better as a toboggan or a cart than as a shovel. First, the leading edge can barely be called an edge--it's more like a bar. It's so thick that it doesn't really cut through the snow like a blade--it's more like the edge of a 2x4. And the wheel doesn't really serve a purpose. It's so far forward on the fulcrum, it doesn't really bear any weight. And then there's the weight. It's quite heavy. According to the shipping info, it's 17 lbs, which doesn't sound terribly heavy, until the snow piles up on it. And then, when the snow does pile up, it sort of sticks instead of sliding. So, overall, there's lots of effort, and it didn't take much work out of my shoulders, which was what I was looking for. Maybe there's a particular kind of snow condition that it works in, that happens once every other year or something. I really really wanted to like it, but I'm not feeling it.

1 Star

Disappointed wrote

While well made and sturdy, the size of the snow scoop makes it unwieldy and the angle/size of the 'shovel blade' makes it impossible to get a clean pass. The first snow of the season was one of those super-heavy snows making it impossible to use. Even with a normal weight snow, on a long pass such as a sidewalk you scoop and then tip the scoop sideways to empty it. It's an awkward movement and it's difficult to get down to the concrete as you would with a shovel. Storage is also an issue in a small garage.

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