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Sod Cutters

Whether you're in landscaping, grounds maintenance, lawn care, or construction contracting, a sod cutter is an essential piece of equipment for working with turf. A sod cutter is the ideal way to clear grass for landscaping or gardening, giving you the ability to cut entire sections of sod from the root and access the soil underneath. The cut sod can be repositioned, reused in other areas, or composted. This is a great way to reduce labor costs and transform typically back-breaking work into a simple and efficient task.

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Viewing 1 - 1   1 Items

Utilizing a mechanical sod cutter instead of cutting by hand will save time and money in the long run. Our Ryan Sod Cutter is a great choice for those looking for powerful performance and easy handling. It features a strong 5.5hp Briggs & Stratton Engine, an 18ΓÇ¥-wide cut, self-propelled action, and smooth operation -- you can cut through 135 feet of sod per minute! It's the ideal equipment for landscapers and grounds crews maintaining athletic fields, golf courses, school districts, and other large areas.

Say goodbye to the punishing labor of handheld sod cutters and hello to a future of efficient and effective sod cutting equipment. Take a look at our inventory and choose to invest in advanced, time-saving technology for your landscaping operation.