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Eliminates time wasted turning pots to break roots!

For Pot-in-Pot Growing - Tap roots won't emerge through the socket pot's drain holes.Easy removal of the container from the socket pot. Copper hydroxide double coated fabric squares stop escaping roots on contact. Prevents roots from binding the pot to the socket. Grey fabric, black on the copper side, is manufactured of polypropylene and/or polyester. Priced per bundle of 100 squares. Call for quantity discounts.
Item # Description Stock Status Price Qty
INS18 18 in x 18 in squares; for 5 and 7 gallon containers In Stock $131.99
INS24 24 in x 24 in squares; for 10 and 15 gallon containers In Stock $199.99
INS36 36 in x 36 in squares; for 20 and 25 gallon containers In Stock $439.99


Spinout treated 18" x 18" squares, for 5 and 7 gallon containers. Place between containers in "pot in pot" growing systems to prevent roots from migrating through the drain holes.


Product is covered by AM Leonard's 30 day satisfaction guarantee.


    QUESTION: What is the active ingredient in Spin Out? ANSWER: The active ingredient is copper Hydroxide. QUESTION: Where does the copper in the Spin Out coating go? ANSWER: The copper in the Spin Out is absorbed by the plant roo

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4 Stars


Good product. Round pieces would make a better application as excell material bunches up.

5 Stars

A great solution to rooting out in Pot-in-Pot systems wrote

We had rooting out issues in our Pot-in-Pot research nursery. A mention this to a grower who turned me on to the spin-out squares. They have worked great.

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