SRW Pavermate Z3 Polymeric Sand, Tan, 50-Pound Bag

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SRW Pavermate Z3 Polymeric Sand, Tan, 50-Pound Bag

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Pavermate Z3  Zero haze, zero dust, zero problems!

SRW reformulated their Pavermate polymeric sand to be better than ever. Their new Z3 formula works in paver joints up to 2 inches wide. This sand cleanly sweeps away, reducing the amount of material left on your pavers. The new Portland-free formula eliminates dust. It does this by binding polymers to one another as well as the sand particles, reducing the number of fines. SRW packages Pavermate Z3 in 50-pound water-resistant bags. This packaging makes Pavermate easier than ever to store. This sand is tan in color  also available in granite. Unlike regular sand, polymeric sand adheres and hardens. This process locks your pavers in place. With Pavermate, SRW provides you with the fastest set up on the market. Through rain or shine, Pavermate is ready! Use Pavermate to prevent your pattern from shifting. Once applied, this sand protects your pavers from washout, ants, weeds, and more! Coverage area depends on multiple factors including joint depth, width, and compaction. Typically, a 50-pound bag covers 55 to 75 square feet. Priced per 50-pound bag. Minimum order quantity of 3 bags. This product is not eligible for free or reduced shipping offers. Need a pallet (46 bags) or more? Give us a call!

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Color: Granite
  • Bag weight (pounds): 50
  • Coverage area (square feet): 55 to 75
Product Features
  • Zero Haze — Cleanly sweeps to reduce any materials left on the paver surface.
  • Zero Dust — New polymer binding formula reduces fines creating anti-dust results.
  • Zero Problems — water-resistant packaging prevents moisture damage
  • Fastest set up time on the market
  • Numerous applications including: Concrete overlays and pavers, pool decks, patios, driveways, and walkways
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